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Technology commercialization is facilitated through the Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC) Foundation, an independent nonprofit corporation. The EERC Foundation was incorporated in 1992 under the laws of North Dakota as a 501 (c) 3. The EERC, through written agreement and long-standing culture and practice, relies on the EERC Foundation to act as its designated technology commercialization organization.

The EERC Foundation provides a dedicated infrastructure to support commercialization activities and houses the rights to technologies developed by the EERC. Through two decades of experience meeting a wide variety of unique client needs, the EERC Foundation has developed highly flexible and innovative approaches to a variety of business arrangements. These include tailored licensing and equity agreements that support the client’s achieving a competitive edge.

The EERC and its partner, the EERC Foundation, are committed to commercialization. Spin-off businesses and high-tech and manufacturing jobs that pay well are some of the many fruits of successful commercialization efforts. The potential benefits of effective commercialization of EERC-developed technologies are enormous.

Commercialization also secures work at the EERC through development contracts as well as by providing funding to assist in the development of commercially viable technology. The EERC Foundation investing cash in the EERC creates a virtuous cycle of economic growth. Equally important is the EERC Foundation’s role in providing incentives for innovative work at the EERC. Under the State Board of Higher Education policy, inventors in a commercialized technology receive at least 30% of the net commercialization income.

In essence, the EERC Foundation supports the EERC market-driven business model of a timely and seamless transition between the creation of the technology and its commercialization that leads to economic development. The EERC Foundation acts as the EERC's "commercialization catalyst."

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