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Timothy Abel

Technology Development Operator

Donald Adams

Research Geophysicist

Jay Almlie

Principal Engineer, Mid/Downstream Oil & Gas Group Lead

Heather Altepeter

Administrative Assistant

Jace Anderson

Research Engineer

Paul Arnason

Contracts Officer

Ted Aulich

Principal Process Chemist, Fuels and Chemicals

Adedapo Awolayo

Reservoir Engineer

Scott Ayash

Principal Research Manager

Alexander Azenkeng

Senior Scientist

Nicholas Azzolina

Principal Hydrogeologist and Statistician

Cesar Barajas-Olalde

Senior Geophysicist

Earl Battle

Graphic Designer

Roy Beard

Principal Engineer, Director of Information Technology

Christopher Beddoe

Senior Research System Engineer

Sandra Best

Project Budget Specialist

Lisa Borgen

Administrative Assistant

Nicholas Bosshart

Principal Geoscientist

Barry Botnen


Linda Brown

Principal Budget Analyst, Budget Analysis Group Manager

Shaughn Burnison

Principal Geophysicist and Geophysics Team Lead

Matthew Burton-Kelly


Shane Butler

Senior Geologist

Brock Callina

Budget Analyst

Alexander Chakhmakhchev

Principal Scientist

Clara Chambers

Research Information Associate

Saurabh Chimote

Senior Software Development Engineer

Michael Collings

Senior Research Engineer

Charlene Crocker

Research Scientist

Janet Crossland

Research Scientist

Tyler Curran

Principal Engineer - Design and Operations Group Lead

Chantsalmaa Dalkhaa

Reservoir Engineer

Michael Davies

Budget Analyst

Todd Deibert

Technology Development Operator

Raymond DeWall

Research Chemist

Thomas Doll

Principal Petroleum Engineer

Neil Dotzenrod


Harry Duchscherer

Senior IT Systems Engineer, Database Administrator

David Dunham

Senior Process Engineer, Team Lead

Grant Dunham

Senior Research Engineer

James Duzan

Principal Intellectual Property Advisor

Kyle Dye

Technology Development Operator

Sheryl Eicholtz-Landis

Principal Contracts Officer, Contracts and IP Manager

Janelle Ensrud

Assistant to the Vice President for Research and Senior Project Management Specialist

Thomas Erickson


Kurt Eylands

Analytical Mineralogist

Ian Feole

Geological Engineer

Shane Filipy

Building Services Technician

Christin Fine

Environment, Health, and Safety Engineer

Rosemary Pleva Flynn

Principal Librarian, Library and Information Services Team Lead

Curt Foerster

Technology Development Operator

Bruce Folkedahl

Senior Research Engineer, Critical Materials

Corey Fox

Technology Development Operator

Kelly Fox

Research Specialist

Kevin Galbreath

Research Scientist

Kyle Glazewski

Senior Analyst, Data/GIS Team Lead

Charles Gorecki

Director of Subsurface R&D

Carol Grabanski

Research Laboratory Analyst

Ken Grohs

Facilities and EHS Manager

Jay Gunderson

Senior Research Engineer

Douglas Hajicek

Principal Engineer, Engineering Design Group Lead

Tedd Halvorson

HVAC Specialist

John Hamling

Assistant Director for Integrated Projects

John Harju

Vice President for Strategic Partnerships

John Haugen

Technology Development Operator, Group Lead

Steven Hawthorne

Principal Research Chemist

Jun He


Loreal Heebink

Senior Project Management Specialist

Dee Heisler

Senior Procurement Team Lead

Douglas Heisler

Facility Maintenance Specialist

Ann Henderson

Research Engineer

Kelly Hodgson

Lead Research Information Associate

Janelle Hoffarth

Laboratory Analyst

John Hurley

Principal Materials Scientist

Corey Irion

Contracts Officer/Intellectual Property Specialist

Lonny Jacobson

Senior Operations Specialist

Melanie Jensen

Senior Chemical Engineer, CO2 Capture and Infrastructure Engineering Team Lead

Robert Jensen

Research Specialist

Kenneth Jerik

Technology Development Operator

Bao Jia

Reservoir Engineer

Tao Jiang

Reservoir Engineer

Lu Jin

Senior Reservoir Engineer

Deborah Johnson

Principal Accountant, Financial Services Manager

Stephanie Johnson

Intellectual Property Specialist/Contracts Officer

Nicholas Kalenze

Civil Engineer

Brian Kalk

Director of Energy Systems Development, Design, and Operations

John Kay

Principal Engineer Emissions and Carbon Capture

Ryan Klapperich

Senior Hydrogeologist

Scott Klara

Associate Vice President for Strategic Partnerships

Robert Klenner

Principal Geoscientist

Patricia Kleven

Laboratory Analyst

Jennifer Knudson

Assistant to the CEO and Administrative Assistant Coordinator

Randall Knutson

Facility Maintenance, Repair and Building Services Manager

Justin Kovacevich

Data Analyst

Daniel Kovarik

Master Electrician

Renee Kringlen

Travel/Accounting Specialist

Timothy Kujawa

Research Specialist

Bethany Kurz

Assistant Director for Integrated Analytical Solutions

Marc Kurz

Senior Geologist Process Chemistry & Development

Patrece Kvasager-Belker

Accouting Specialist and Travel Coordinator

Sara Lahr

Software Developer

Marcella LaPorte

Building Services Technician

Christopher Larson

Technology Development Operator

Tobe Larson

Senior Contracts Officer, Assistant Group Lead

Jason Laumb

Principal Engineer and Advanced Energy Systems Group Lead

Kerryanne Leroux

Principal Engineer

Kari Lindemann

Lead Research Information Associate

Amanda Livers-Douglas

Senior Research Geophysicist

Shannan Longsdorf

Accounting Specialist

Christopher Martin

Senior Research Engineer, Advanced Thermal Systems

Timothy Marynik

Lead Building Services Tech.

Joshua Mason

Senior IT Systems Engineer

Nicole Massmann

Director of Communications

Craig Mathson

Technology Development Operator

John McCauley

Network Administrator/Computer Specialist

Kathleen McIntyre

Laboratory Analyst

Kris McNab

Technology Developement Operator

Timothy McRae

Research Engineer Integrated Petroleum Systems

Blaise Mibeck

Materials Scientist

David Miller

Senior Research Chemist

Angela Morgan

Administrative Assistant

Todger Morrow

Technology Devel Operator

Mark Musich

Research Engineer

James Nadeau

Research Instrument Tech

David Nakles

Principal Environmental Engineer

Tyler Newman

Research Engineer

June Novacek

Research Information Associate

Jason Novak

Technology Development Operator

Carolyn Nyberg

Senior Analytical Chemist, ARL/FMRL Team Lead

Erin O'Leary


Michelle Olderbak

Senior Project Management Specialist

Jasmine Oleksik

Research Engineer

Alan Olson

Master Electrician

Rhonda Olson

Senior Workflow Team Lead

Benjamin Oster


Andrew Palmiscno

Principal Software Engineer

Nikhil Patel

Research Engineer

Santosh Patil

Research Engineer

Wesley Peck

Principal Geologist

Rachael Perriello

Environment, Health, & Safety Specialist

Erik Pihl

Research Specialist

Raymond Pikarski

Drafter/Graphic Designer

Thomas Powers

Technology Development Operator

Roberta Rakoczy

Research Information Associate

Patti Reimer

Administrative Assistant

Hilary Riske

Operations and Facility Maintenance Group Lead

Joyce Riske

Principal Editor and Editing and Graphics Team Lead

Lucia Romuld

Principal Industrial and Management Engineer – Proposals, Resources, and Logistics

Catherine Russell

Senior Technical Editor

Arelys Salazar Hernandez

Reservoir Engineer

Steven Schlasner

Research Engineer

Kari Schmidt

Administrative Assistant

Scott Schulz

Technology Development Operator

Ramesh Sharma

Principal Research Scientist, Fuels and Specialty Chemicals

Rhonda Shirek

Assistant to the Vice President for Strategic Partnerships

Diane Skean

Principal Project Manager/Budget Analyst

Steven Smith

Principal Geologist, Integrated Analytical Solutions

James Sorensen

Assistant Director for Subsurface Strategies

Joshua Stanislowski

Principal Process Engineer, Energy Systems Development

Edward Steadman

Vice President for Research

Bradley Stevens

Senior Research Engineer Civil Engineering

Kari Suedel

Digital Media Specialist/Photographer

Jenny Sun

Analytical Chemist

Michael Swanson

Principal Engineer, Fuels Conversion

Jivan Thakare

Senior Engineer, Electrochemical Process Development

Alexis Thompson


James Tibbetts

Research Scientist

Scott Tolbert

Senior Engineer, Conversion Systems Team Lead

Sandra Van Eck

Technical Editor

Leah Verke

Procurement Assistant

Heidi Vettleson

Project Management Specialist

Michael Voll

Building Services Technician

Tami Votava

Assistant Director of Finance

Gregory Weber

Assistant Director of Energy Systems Development, Design, and Operations

Susan White

Principal Human Resources Officer

Neil Wildgust

Assistant Director for Geoscience and Engineering

Kirk Williams

Research Engineer

William Wilson

Regulatory Specialist

Chad Wocken

Principal Engineer and Transformational Energy Group Lead

Michael Wuitschick

Instrumentation Technologist, Emissions Measurement

Agustinus Zandy

Research Specialist - Oilfield Operations

Christopher Zygarlicke

Associate Vice President for Strategic Projects and University Relations