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Bench-Scale Catalyst Systems

The EERC's bench-scale reactor system uses mass flow controllers to simulate syngas compositions from bottled gas to feed small fixed-bed reactors to evaluate gas reactions such as Fischer–Tropsch synthesis. Laser gas analyzers, gas chromatography–mass spectroscopy units, and other lab resources are readily available for determining compositions of simulated gas feed and liquid products.

Modular Laboratory-Scale Fischer–Tropsch (FT) Reactor

The modular laboratory-scale FT reactor is a fully automated portable fixed-bed catalyst system. Online gas analysis can be conducted during testing, with gas chromatography–mass spectroscopy available for liquid product analyses. Hot and cold liquid traps are installed for sample collection. This system is typically used to screen batches of catalyst prior to loading the larger FT system and provides data on adiabatic exotherms, catalyst performance, lifetime, etc.

Operating Conditions

  • Catalyst loading: 5–25 grams
  • Nominal gas feed rate: 0.3–1.0 L/min
  • System pressure: 100–500 psi
  • System nominal temperature: 430°–660°F (221°–350°C)

Three-Tube Fixed-Bed Reactor System

  • Tests 200–500 grams of catalyst at up to 1000 psi
  • Tests a wider range of operating conditions
  • Allows the testing of catalysts on any syngas composition