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Bench-Scale Renewable Ammonia Plant

The bench-scale renewable ammonia plant (BSRAP) is a vision of future distributed-scale ammonia production of utility to either the agricultural producer or electric power generators where NOx remediation technology is required. The BSRAP is a highly flexible modular test system that allows for testing of feedstocks and processes by which the feedstock in question can be converted to a higher-value commodity such as anhydrous ammonia. The original feedstock for which the system was designed was biogas from an anaerobic digester. Cutting-edge technologies have been tested as a means to enable cost-effective and efficient production of both renewable hydrogen and ammonia. The plant consists of six different operating units.

Operating Conditions

  • Average output capacity: 60 standard liters per hour of H2, 28 grams per hour of anhydrous ammonia
  • Nominal feed rate: variable based on availability


  • 3-in. diameter
  • 55 in. high


  • Biodigester gas
  • Landfill gas
  • Biomethane
  • Renewable hydrocarbons

Data Collection

The BSRAP is fully instrumented and capable of either manual or automated control. The length of a test program can be virtually limitless because of the ruggedness of design and ability to conduct unattended operation.


  • Built in 2010