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Pilot-Scale Fischer–Tropsch Reactor

Pilot-Scale Fischer–Tropsch Reactor
The skid-mounted fixed-bed reactor system tests a variety of catalysts to produce liquid fuels and chemicals via Fischer–Tropsch (FT) catalytic reaction. For example, catalytic hydrodeoxygenation isomerization can be used to generate renewable diesel and jet fuel.

Operating Conditions

  • Nominal feed rate: 20 scfh
  • System pressure: 1000 psi
  • System nominal temperature: >500°F (260°C)


  • Two 1-in.-i.d., 10-ft-tall fixed-bed reactors
  • Reactor heat management maintained with a heat-transfer fluid pumped through a shell around the reactors
  • Heated trap for separating and collecting wax products
  • Hot liquid product recycle loop for improving heat transfer in reactors
  • Gas recycle capability