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CO2 Capture Test Systems

Capture Test Systems
The EERC has three CO2 capture systems that can be used to demonstrate oxy-fired combustion as well as postcombustion CO2 capture. The EERC’s combustion test facility has been retrofitted to have the capabilities to fire in an oxygen-fired mode with recycled flue gas for combustion air. The system has been run in the oxygen-fired mode, generating 140 scfm of flue gas that contains greater than 85% CO2. In terms of postcombustion systems, the EERC has designed and built two systems that are currently available for capture testing. The first system is a solvent absorber and stripping system that is used to capture the CO2 from the flue gas generated by the CTF. This system was designed to be as flexible as possible to allow for the evaluation of several solvent types. The third system is a transport solid sorbent system that is designed to utilize solid sorbents to capture the CO2 from the flue gas generated by the CTF (~140 scfm). This system is also flexible in terms of capacity and could be run at smaller scale for proof-of-concept-type evaluations.

The fabricated unit consists of two main columns, each constructed from 10-in.-i.d. stainless steel column sections of varying lengths bolted together to achieve a desired total height. Koch-Glitsch IMTP 25 316L stainless steel random packing is loaded in the columns to enhance the liquid–gas contact area and promote better CO2 absorption and regeneration. Packing height, size, and type can easily be modified to accommodate different solvents and test conditions. The columns are designed to handle up to 130 scfm of flue gas generated in the CTF. A demister is installed near the top of the absorber column to keep the flue gas flowing through the column from carrying solvent through with the exhaust stream.