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Drop-Tube Furnaces

Drop Tube Furnaces
The EERC has three sophisticated laminar-flow drop-tube furnaces (DTFs) which are used to investigate various aspects of fly ash formation, ash deposition, and reactivity associated with the combustion or partial combustion/gasification of pulverized coal, beneficiated coal fuels, coal char, coke, and various alternative fuels.

The DTF systems are relatively inexpensive to operate and can generate multiple data sets in a very short time. Of utmost importance is the ability of these systems to mimic key full-scale combustion conditions. Feed rates for the DTFs range from only 0.1 to 1.0 grams of coal per minute; therefore, it is difficult to mimic all aspects of full-scale combustion. However, the DTFs can be configured using key operational parameters to produce results similar to those observed in a full-scale boiler. Key parameters include gas temperature, gas velocity, particle residence time, excess air, gas-cooling rates, and deposit surface substrate temperatures.

Atmospheric Drop-Tube Furnace (ADTF)

Optical Drop-Tube Furnace (ODTF)