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Hydrogen Separation Membrane

Hydrogen Separation Membrane
The EERC’s hydrogen separation membrane produces a stream of hydrogen with purity greater than 99.9%, suitable for fuel cell applications or further processing applications. The membrane system operates under a wide range of conditions and with variety of feed gases.

Operating Conditions

  • Nominal feed rate: 0.7–3.5 scfm
  • System pressure: <600 psi
  • System nominal temperature: <750°F (400°C)


Hydrogen separation using membranes can be performed at elevated temperatures without the need to quench the syngas because of the capability of the warm-gas cleanup train. The hydrogen membrane can be inserted into any point in the cleanup train to simulate the desired operating conditions but would normally be installed after the sulfur removal and shift reactors, depending on the sensitivity of the membrane to sulfur. If needed, a small slipstream of the syngas from any gasifier can be pulled for hydrogen separation testing.

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