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Warm-Gas Cleanup Train

Warm-Gas Cleanup Train
The bench-scale warm-gas cleanup train is portable and can be placed at the back end of any gasification system. It is used for ash/particulates, S (H2S, COS), mercury, trace metals, chlorine, and tar removal, with an adjacent shift reactor to adjust the H2/CO ratio as needed (depending on catalyst type). Ceramic/metal candle filters remove particulate to <0.1 ppmw, and fixed-bed reactors reduce mercury or other contaminants.

Operating Conditions

  • Nominal feed rate: 1000 scfh
  • System pressure: 1000 psi
  • System nominal temperature: >600°F (315°C)
  • Sulfur reduced to as low as 0.010 ppm


Water–gas shift reactors including sour shift or high-temperature and low-temperature shift can be inserted at any location in the cleanup train to adjust the H2/CO ratio of the syngas. The steam or slipstream flow rates can be modified to control the conversion of CO to CO2 and H2 to achieve desired ratios for further processing. For example, H2 production can be maximized for H2 as a product, for additional thermochemical conversion, or H2/CO ratios of 1:2 or 1:1 for Fischer–Tropsch processing, depending on catalyst requirements.