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Coal Ash Research Center

Improving the Technical and Economic Aspects of By-Products Management

Coal Ash Research Center
The Coal Ash Research Center at the EERC is dedicated to improving the technical and economic aspects of industrial by-product management. Its multifaceted team of researchers takes a comprehensive approach to solving a wide array of by-product issues from utilization to disposal.

The center's capabilities include environmental analysis, engineering evaluations, market research, product development, and field demonstrations.

The Coal Ash Research Center's Coal Ash Resources Research Consortium® (CARRC®) (pronounced "cars") has worked to advance coal combustion by-product management since 1985 and is a key component to the EERC's by-product program.

About the Program

CARRC, an international consortium of industry and government representatives, scientists, and engineers, working together toward a common goal: to advance coal ash utilization. Specifically, CARRC solves coal combustion byproduct (CCB)-related problems and promote the environmentally safe, technically sound, and economically viable utilization and disposal of these highly complex materials.

Since the founding of the program in 1985, numerous advancements have been made in the area of coal ash utilization, including the following:

  • Generation of scientific and engineering information applicable to CCB regulations and specifications
  • Development of improved CCB characterization methods
  • Demonstration of new and improved CCB use applications
  • Transfer of technical information and technology

Research Projects

State Review

Mercury and Air Toxic Elements

Feedlot Stabilization

Soil Stabilization

FGD Management

IGCC & PFBC Byproducts

Coal Ash Research Team

Loreal Heebink
Research Chemist
(701) 777-5116
Bruce Dockter
Research Engineer
(701) 777-4102
Kurt Eylands
Research Scientist
(701) 777-3799

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