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Today’s energy and environmental needs require the expertise of a total-systems team that can focus on technical details while retaining a broad perspective. The Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC) has more than 65 years of experience providing solutions for clean, efficient coal combustion.

The EERC has also pioneered the understanding of fossil energy air pollutants and other emissions and developed innovative control technologies and measurement techniques for existing energy facilities. The EERC is defining and resolving critical design issues for next-generation equipment needed to control harmful emissions from incinerators, refineries, and other industrial sources.


  • Modeling to optimize the clean and efficient operation of all conventional boilers
  • Testing coals, catalysts, and sorbents on bench- and pilot-scale advanced combustion equipment and commercializing successful sorbents
  • Developing advanced energy conversion technologies, including supercritical combustion, gasification, liquefaction, and supercritical CO2 cycles
  • Creating advanced analytical methods to support the fastest, most comprehensive understanding of coal-based technology
  • Partnering in full-scale demonstration of advanced power systems
  • Demonstrating utilization and disposal of coal by-products






Advanced Power Generation Systems

The EERC has unparalleled expertise in understanding and improving current coal-fired power plants and other electric generating systems. We are committed to meeting customer needs by providing solutions to a wide array of operational challenges in order to improve the performance of today’s utilities as well as develop advanced combustion systems for future coal utilization, such as advanced CO2 supercritical cycles.
Since its founding in 1951, the EERC has investigated, tested, and evaluated fuels, combustion and gasification technologies, ash use and disposal, analytical methods, groundwater impacts, cofiring technologies, and advanced environmental control systems.

Emission Control

The EERC conducts groundbreaking work in the development of clean air technologies to mitigate air emissions from electric generating plants. The EERC’s industry-driven research ranges from fundamental studies of system interactions to pilot- and full-scale slipstream testing of advanced technologies that offer solutions to meet clean air requirements well into the 21st century.
The EERC is a world leader in the development of technologies to remove or capture the following:
  • SO2 (sulfur dioxide)
  • SO3 (sulfur trioxide)
  • NOx (nitrogen oxides)
  • CO2 (carbon dioxide)
  • Mercury
  • Particulate matter

In addition to removing air toxics and particulate matter from emissions, the EERC is focused on environmentally sound uses for, and disposal of, these constituents. The EERC has extensive experience in waste utilization for value-added products, accepted disposal practices, environmental monitoring, and land reclamation.


Charles Gorecki
Director of Subsurface R&D

Brian Kalk
Director of Energy Systems Development

Energy & Environmental Research Center

15 North 23rd Street, Stop 9018
Grand Forks, ND 58202-9018

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