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We provide solutions to today's most critical energy and environmental challenges through innovative science and engineering.

The solution to each challenge brings with it the need for specialized capabilities, facilities and expertise. Our complete research portfolio consists of a wide array of services to meet client needs. These core priorities are the cornerstone for the development of innovative, practical, and cost-effective energy and environmental solutions:

Core-Priorities-Coal-and-Emissions Coal Utilization & Emissions
Over 65 years of experience converting coal to energy and high-value products cleanly and efficiently.
Core-Priorities-Coal-and-Emissions Carbon Management
Global leader in the area of CO2 capture, utilization, reduction, and storage. Experienced resource for industry and government in fossil fuels and biomass.
Core-Priorities-Oil-and-Gas.jpg Oil & Gas
Proven approaches to clean and efficient exploration and development of oil and gas.
Core-Priorities-Alt-Fuels-and-Renewables Alternative Fuels & Renewable Energy
Trailblazing research in biomass, jet fuel, wind energy, hydrogen technology, and green diesel.
Core-Priorities-Energy-Water Energy–Water
Expertise in balancing the demands of water and energy for our growing society.