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Environmental Chemistry and Waste Management

The EERC has extensive expertise in removing toxic contaminants from soil and water; reclaiming environmentally impacted landscapes and other properties; and mitigating environmental challenges. The EERC also has pioneered numerous waste utilization and/or management platforms for its energy and other industrial clients.

Contaminant Cleanup

Countless sites worldwide are contaminated with health-threatening organic, inorganic, and radioactive materials. Activities such as mining, waste disposal, military operations, energy extraction, agriculture, and real estate development have resulted in soil and/or groundwater contamination. The EERC is developing and commercializing technologies that clean up contaminants and restore sites at a manageable cost. EERC contaminant cleanup and site remediation research is aimed at finding solutions for all combinations of mixed wastes.

  • EERC–U.S. environmental management technology brokering
  • Remediation technology development
  • Analytical methods development for environmental contaminants
  • Groundwater research for the North American oil and gas industry
  • Impacts of agricultural chemicals on groundwater quality
  • Environmental Microbiology
  • Waste utilization and disposal
  • Coal, uranium, and metal mine reclamation
  • Applied geology

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