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National Center for Hydrogen Technology®(NCHT®)

Hydrogen is envisioned to be the primary fuel of the future, strengthening the energy security of the United States. Hydrogen as fuel in a fuel cell, turbine, or combustion engine produces no harmful emissions, only water. Given the increase of instability caused by the world’s insecure energy situation, the United States could have significant numbers of hydrogen cars on the road within 5 years. However, the reality is that, with the exception of only a few prototypes, much of the infrastructure for hydrogen does not exist and has not been demonstrated.

Significant advances have been made at the Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC) to develop technologies dealing with the various aspects of hydrogen production, including generation, separation, purification, transportation, dispensing, and utilization. The challenge is to develop individual components, test various technologies, and put them to work from production through commercial deployment.

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National Center for Hydrogen Technology® (NCHT®)