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Partnership Opportunities

The EERC responds to requests for proposals from government and industry, competing for funding with other government and private research entities. The EERC conducts many joint venture and consortium research projects that enable a combination of government and industry funding. The EERC sends out an average of one funding proposal a day.

EERC Industrial Partnerships

The EERC has conclusively demonstrated its ability to assist business in getting its technologies on-site, in place, and operational. With access to a variety of field sites, extensive analytical and testing facilities, a broad range of technical expertise, and a growing list of industrial partners, the EERC offers significant advantages to businesses seeking to deploy and commercialize innovative technologies.

Partnerships to Commercialize Innovative Technologies

The EERC works to minimize technology commercialization barriers through customized programs of focused technical support, partnership brokering, systems analysis, and field demonstration. Clients gain from the EERC's broad range of technical expertise, testing and demonstration facilities, growing family of government and commercial partnerships, and access to real-world demonstration sites.


The EERC's consortium-sponsored research is a proven approach to addressing similar needs of multiple clients. Through this program, research and financial risks are spread over a larger base, enabling members to obtain a greater product than would have been possible with the same amount of funding invested individually.

Information Systems and Creative Services

The EERC has unique expertise to collaborate with companies, organizations, and departments within the university to help develop information systems and creative communications materials. The Software Solutions group specializes in information systems management, Web site development, and creation and support of secure software. The Graphics Department provides custom graphics and printing services. For more information and for pricing, contact Graphics today.