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Quality Assurance/Quality Control

The EERC is committed to delivering consistent, high-quality research to meet its customers' needs. The EERC positions itself as a global leader in multidisciplinary research addressing energy and environmental issues. In order to ensure that the mission and goals of the EERC are realized, an organizationwide quality management system, authorized and supported by its managers, is in effect.

The EERC established and formalized a quality assurance (QA) program and quality control (QC) procedures in August of 1988. The EERC Quality Manual defines the requirements and the organizational responsibilities for each major element of the EERC's quality management system and references the supporting documents needed to provide a comprehensive program. Compliance with this manual and its supporting documents ensures that the EERC adequately fulfills governmental and private client requirements relating to quality and compliance with other applicable regulations, codes, and protocols.

The quality assurance manager, in a full-time position, has responsibility for implementation and oversight of all aspects of QA/QC for all research, development, and demonstration projects, including establishing, updating, maintaining, and overseeing implementation of QA/QC procedures. The QA manager assists project managers and principal investigators in defining quality objectives and criteria for existing and proposed projects; establishing and documenting sample handling/custody/analytical methods requirements; documenting analytical equipment, operating procedures, and instrument calibrations; and overseeing overall data acquisition, storage, reduction, and management activities.