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Today’s energy and environmental research requires the expertise of a total-systems team that can focus on technical details while retaining a holistic viewpoint.

The EERC is known for its ability to bring cutting-edge science and energy technologies together for the best possible solution. Since its creation in 1951, the EERC has had great success developing technologies and demonstrating them in real-world scenarios to prove their commercial viability. This success is due to the extensive experience of its multidisciplinary staff, global industrial partnerships, and state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.
Facilities Demonstration Demonstration Facilities
The EERC has over 54,000 square feet of demonstration facilities that accommodate a variety of technologies. The space allows for custom construction of new pilot-scale components to fit client needs. We also provide our technical expertise and field sampling experience to off-site demonstrations.
Facilities Labs.jpg Laboratories
The EERC has extensive laboratory facilities to perform all scales of materials analysis and characterization. EERC laboratories work jointly to address a multitude of standard and nonstandard tests designed and implemented to exceed client needs.
Facilities Equipment Equipment
The EERC maintains a wide range of laboratory- and pilot-scale equipment for solid, liquid, and gaseous processing and characterization of natural and synthetic materials.