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Process Chemistry and Development Laboratory

Process Chemistry and Development
The Process Chemistry and Development Laboratory has facilities for the analysis of different types of product and by-product streams to provide the data necessary for the calculation of material balances, conversions, and product qualities for several ongoing engineering projects at the EERC. Equipment is in place for ashing, solubility testing, numerous ASTM International (ASTM) standard tests, coal cleaning, and a variety of general and specialized analytical testing, including wet-chemical testing.

Laboratory Capabilities

  • Thermal analysis
  • Gas analysis
    • Agilent 7890A refinery gas analyzer
    • HP-7890 GC with autosampler
    • HP-7890 GC/MS with autosampler
  • Liquids and solids analysis
    • Leeman Labs Model CE440 elemental analyzer
    • LECO sulfur analyzer
    • Mettler–Toledo Karl Fischer titrator for trace water analysis
    • Phase Technology freeze point analyzer
    • OFITE retort analyzer
    • SDT Q-600 thermogravimetric analyzer
    • SETA flash point analyzer
    • Hydrometers
    • Brookfield rheology viscometers
    • High-pressure liquid chromatograph
  • Ultraviolet spectrometry
    • Hitachi Model 340 UV Vis spectrometer
  • Infrared spectroscopy
    • Perkin-Elmer 283 infrared spectrometer
    • Bomem 110c infrared spectrometer
  • A full complement of micro and analytical balances and volume-measuring glassware