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Ms. Bethany A. Kurz
POSITION: Assistant Director for Integrated Analytical Solutions

Bethany A. Kurz is Assistant Director for Integrated Analytical Solutions at the EERC, where she oversees research related to conventional and unconventional oil and gas development and subsurface CO2 sequestration. Her primary areas of interest and expertise include characterization of geologic media for carbon storage and/or CO2-based enhanced oil recovery, produced water and drilling waste management, evaluation of subsurface formations for brine disposal, assessment of high-value materials in coal and produced brine, and resource management related to energy development.

Ms. Kurz is responsible for assisting the Director of Subsurface R&D and the Vice President for Research with developing business opportunities and successfully executing research projects related to oil and gas; natural resource management; and carbon capture, utilization, and storage. She oversees a multidisciplinary team of scientists and engineers who work in the EERC's applied research laboratories. In that role, she is responsible for ensuring the quality assurance/quality control of data and results generated by the EERC's laboratories and integrating those results into the applied research efforts conducted by the Subsurface R&D team. During her +20-year career at the EERC, Ms. Kurz has overseen several multimillion-dollar research efforts that have been funded by commercial clients and/or state and federal entities.

Ms. Kurz received an M.S. degree in Hydrogeology from UND in 1998 and a B.S. degree in Geology from Bridgewater State University, Bridgewater, Massachusetts, in 1995.