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Ms. Janelle R. Ensrud
POSITION: Assistant to the Vice President for Research and Senior Project Management Specialist

Janelle R. Ensrud is a Senior Project Management Specialist at the EERC and the Assistant to the CFFO and the Vice President for Research. She provides support for ongoing projects, assists with the development of research proposals to advance new technologies, and provides direct assistance to the CFFO, the Vice President for Research, the Principal Petroleum Engineer, and Plains CO2 Reduction (PCOR) Partnership team members.

Specific to the PCOR Partnership Program, Ms. Ensrud maintains and updates the PCOR Partnership Decision Support System and partner databases, fulfills public outreach requests, serves as the primary point of contact with PCOR Partnership partners, and serves as the point of contact for PCOR Partnership deliverables and milestones. She is the event planner for the PCOR Partnership Annual Membership Meeting and Technical Advisory Board Meeting. Other responsibilities include scheduling, communications, document production, maintenance of marketing and promotional materials inventory, improvement of project management processes, and related administrative activities.

Ms. Ensrud's principal areas of interest and expertise include project management processes, interacting with industry and government organizations, and event planning. She cochairs the EERC's Social Cause Committee, which is tasked with identifying and undertaking activities and fund-raising opportunities involving EERC employees for the betterment of the greater community. Specifically, Ms. Ensrud serves on a committee to plan and execute an annual golf tournament and participates in fund-raising and volunteer opportunities related to the EERC's chosen yearly charity. She also serves on the Employee Engagement Committee. Ms. Ensrud holds a B.A. degree in Social Sciences from UND.