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Ms. Kerryanne M. Leroux
POSITION: Senior Chemical Engineer, Oilfield Operations Team Lead

Kerryanne M. Leroux, Senior Chemical Engineer and Oilfield Operations Team Lead, holds M.S. and B.S. degrees in Chemical Engineering from UND. Ms. Leroux's principal areas of interest and expertise include renewable, alternative, and fossil energy and chemicals production; resource and life-cycle assessments; process design; pilot- and demonstration-scale testing; statistical interpretation; data modeling; technical feasibility; economic analysis; and market evaluation. Her work at the EERC has involved research in coal, natural gas, petroleum (diesel, gasoline), biomass (wood, agricultural residues, grasses/straws, municipal solid waste [MSW]), combustion, gasification, syngas cleanup (tars, membrane separation), catalysis (steam methane reforming, water-gas shift, Fischer-Tropsch), cogeneration/combined heat and power, fuel cells, electrolysis, energy storage, wind hybrid systems, biorefineries, pyrolysis, bio-oil, biodiesel, ethanol, butanol, hydrogen, ammonia, biogas and landfill gas, and densification (pellets, torrefaction). Ms. Leroux has also provided technical support for management of solid waste (MSW and inert waste recycling and reduction), water (drinking water and wastewater treatment, processing water management [e.g., cooling water systems], flood mitigation), and CO2 (near-surface groundwater and soil gas monitoring related to CO2 storage associated with commercial enhanced oil recovery [EOR], capture technologies, transportation, trading and commercial markets). She has coauthored numerous professional publications and presentations.