The Bell Creek Integrated EOR and CO2 Storage Project

This project will produce ~40-50 million barrels of incremental oil at Bell Creek using CO2 enhanced oil recovery (EOR) with millions of tons of associated CO2 storage incidental to EOR.

An Integrated EOR and CO2 Storage Project
Denbury’s Commercial CO2 EOR Project Bell Creek CO2 Storage Demonstration Project
Denbury Onshore LLC (Denbury) is implementing a commercial project that injects approximately 1 million tons (0.9 million tonnes) of CO2 per year into its Bell Creek oil field to rejuvenate oil production and permanently store anthropogenic CO2 deep underground. Learn More >> The PCOR Partnership is adding value to Denbury’s project through additional characterization, monitoring, and modeling. This collaborative effort will result in a new standard for safe and practical long-term geologic storage of anthropogenic CO2. Learn More >>

Project Location: The Bell Creek Oil Field
Since its 1967 discovery in the Powder River Basin of southeastern Montana, the Bell Creek oil field has produced approximately 133 million barrels (MMbbl) of oil. Most of that oil was produced by injecting water into the oil-bearing zone to push oil to production wells. By 2010, about 38% of the oil was produced and production was dwindling.

In 2010, Denbury acquired the Bell Creek Field with the intention of rejuvenating the once robust field by switching from water injection to CO2 injection. Bell Creek is an optimal site for CO2 EOR because experience has shown successful secondary oil recovery using water. Denbury expects to recover approximately 40–50 million barrels of incremental oil through CO2 injection. The rock layers in the field are also ideally suited for carbon storage following the oil-recovery process.

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Industrial CO2 travels from the Lost Cabin Gas Plant to Bell Creek oil field via pipeline.


Fact Sheet
September 2017
Bell Creek CO2 EOR Project poster with geologic column