About the NGPWC

The Energy & Environmental Research Center's (EERC's) Northern Great Plains Water Consortium® (NGPWC) is a partnership between the U.S. Department of Energy and key stakeholders in the region, including electrical power generation utilities, oil and gas companies, industries, municipalities, state agencies, and other interested parties. The NGPWC addresses issues related to water availability, reducing freshwater use, and minimizing the impacts of facility and industry operation on water quality. This NGPWC decision support system was designed to be the go-to source for information about water management in the region.

NGPWC Region
NGPWC Region

Key Goals of the NGPWC
  • To find innovative solutions that expand water resource options for various industries, particularly thermoelectric power plants.
  • To evaluate water demand and consumption for competing users:
    • Power generation
    • Oil and gas production
    • Agriculture
    • Industry
    • Domestic/municipalities
  • To assess, develop, and demonstrate technologies and methodologies that minimize water use and reduce wastewater from energy production and agricultural processing facilities.
  • To identify nontraditional water supply sources and innovative options for water reuse.