Treatment Technologies

As population continues to grow, demands for energy will also increase. Thermoelectric generation and fossil fuel extraction and processing require large volumes of freshwater to generate the energy that our society demands. Conventional water supplies may be either fully appropriated or very limited, especially in the arid/semiarid western United States. Nontraditional water supplies, such as treated wastewater, saline aquifers, and produced water, may provide a viable supplement for traditional water resources. Often, traditional as well as nontraditional water supplies require additional treatment before becoming suitable for use as process or cooling water.
  • Wastewater treatment to remove organic contaminants
  • Filtration to remove suspended solids
  • Softening to remove hardness (calcium and magnesium)
  • Disinfection to kill microbes

Each potential alternate water supply should be thoroughly characterized chemically and physically. It is possible that a treatment scheme may need to be individually tailored for each water source to treat it to the desired quality.

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