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At Our Core

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John Kay

JOHN  |  Principal Engineer and Emissions and Carbon Capture Group Lead

The freedom to do the work that’s important to you . . . I can engage in projects with other professionals who share my passion, and I know that my work makes a difference in how the world produces energy.

Nikki Massmann

NIKKI  |  Director of Communications

The connection that brings together technology and the world . . . While some of the highly technical science and engineering work we do is way above me, what makes my job exciting is challenging the researchers to explain it in lay terms so that I can bring these innovative technologies to life for everyone.

Josh Mason

JOSH  |  Senior IT Systems Engineer

The support to pursue professional development . . . Being at the forefront of IT is pivotal to my job, and the EERC encourages me to pursue professional development. It’s great to be able to hone my skillset and stay ahead of the game.

Amanda Livers

AMANDA  |  Research Geophysicist

The opportunity to not only do cutting-edge research, but to be involved in all aspects of a project, beginning to end . . . As a scientist here, I’m involved in research, but I also get to take part in the planning, logistics, and management aspects of a project, which gives me a real sense of ownership and investment in the success of the work.

Alex Azenkeng

ALEX  |  Senior Scientist

The privilege of working with a diverse team to realize common goals . . . I like the multifaceted nature of applied research, which draws people from different areas of expertise, walks of life, and places in the world. The best part of working here is the people.

Jay Gunderson

JAY  |  Senior Research Engineer

The resources to do work that matters . . . The facilities and equipment we have are state-of-the art, and the testing we do can be defined in terms of procedures, formulas, and data, but the bottom line is that the results we achieve are helping our clients produce cleaner, more affordable energy, and that makes the world a better place.

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It’s not just enough to like your job - we like the people here too! We are fortunate to have diverse, motivated, and creative employees whose interests lie not only in the work they do at the EERC but in their community as well.

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To be safe, ethical, engaged, effective, and professional – are at the heart of everything we do.