Resource Abstract

Quarterly Progress Report for the Period October 1 – December 31, 2020

Date Published: 1/30/2021

Resource Abstract

This progress report presents an overview of Bakken Production Optimization Program (BPOP) activities from October through December 2020. The Energy & Environmental Research Center requested and received permission from the North Dakota Industrial Commission Oil and Gas Research Program to subcontract with Liberty Resources (Liberty) and EOR ETC, LLC (EOR ETC) to support an East Nesson Bakken enhanced oil recovery (EOR) field pilot in 2021. Subcontracting is proceeding with Liberty and EOR ETC to demonstrate a new technology to facilitate produced gas injection for EOR and/or subsurface geologic storage at Liberty’s East Nesson Field. Liberty and EOR ETC will provide in-kind contributions to the pilot test. Oasis Petroleum Inc. agreed to contribute in-kind cost-share funding in the form of core and PVT (pressure, volume, and temperature) analyses data. This information will be used to support evaluation of rich-gas EOR opportunities in the Bakken. Four webinars were held to share findings from the well completion optimization work. These provided discussion opportunities between the research team and BPOP partners. A systems-level assessment of wellsite emissions resulting from both combustion sources and hydrocarbon vapor management is being established with input from partners to develop a data-based prioritization of emission sources, characterization of those emissions, and systems-level analysis of mitigation strategies. Several improvements to conventional fingerprinting and geochemical characterization methods were performed by expanding on the use of complex indicator compounds such as diamondoids and various polyaromatics. Complementary to hydrocarbon fingerprinting efforts, in-house instrumentation and analytical methods were modified for the purpose of conducting produced water fingerprinting techniques using strontium isotope analysis.

Our Partners

  • Conoco Phillips
  • Equinor
  • Hess
  • Liberty Resources
  • Marathon Oil
  • ND Oil and Gas
  • Oasis Petroleum
  • Petro Hunt
  • WPX
  • XTO

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