Resource Abstract

Using Cluster Analysis to Enhance Completion Optimization Studies of the Bakken Petroleum System

Date Published: 4/30/2021

Resource Abstract

Researchers from industry and academia generally agree that both geology and completion design parameters control well production performance in unconventional oil and gas plays like the Bakken petroleum system (BPS). Geologic properties of reservoirs on a basin or play scale are often not directly measured and consequently omitted from many analyses of production performance. Ignoring a major source of variation may result in weak or even inaccurate prediction models, which are used in completion optimization evaluations. The purpose of this work was to develop a tool to provide a quantitative means for integrating geologic factors into completion optimization analysis of the BPS. Two data collection efforts were conducted to create a database using publicly available, internal, and commercial data sets. First, a completion and production master database containing about 14,700 wells located in the BPS was updated, cleaned, and organized for further analysis. Second, geologic and geochemical information was compiled for the purpose of implementing cluster analysis for the wells in the master database. Using the data sets, a web-based BPS cluster analysis calculator was built to allow the user to interactively group portions of the BPS into clusters based on sets of geologic and geochemical input variables. The BPS cluster analysis calculator will be incorporated into future BPOP completion optimization calculations by including geologic clusters in the list of production performance predictors or through the stratification of analyses by geologic cluster.

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