Resource Abstract

Quarterly Progress Report for the Period October 1 – December 31, 2021

Date Published: 4/30/2021

Resource Abstract

This progress report presents an overview of Bakken Production Optimization Program (BPOP) activities from January through March 2021. A wellsite model to assess tank vapor-phase behavior was developed and used to evaluate natural gas liquid recovery potential over a range of pressures. The results will be provided to partners in a comprehensive slide deck that will serve as a topical report. A detailed analysis of the operations impacting operating expenses was initiated to identify opportunities for cost reduction and form the basis for subsequent BPOP projects. Improvements to oil- and water-fingerprinting analytical techniques continued in an effort to discriminate samples produced from different reservoirs. Reliable indicators for the oil fingerprinting and oil/source correlations were identified based on aromatic polycyclic compounds and biomarkers. The strontium isotope-based water-fingerprinting technique was improved by adding a sample preparation method. Approximately 700 wells were added to the data set used in completion optimization calculations on the drill spacing unit level. An analysis was performed to observe well performance before and after the shut-in period of low oil demand. Efforts to inform a Liberty Resources Bakken enhanced oil recovery (EOR) pilot design continued. Sensitivity analyses were performed to understand the potential impact of fluid injection on EOR performance. An investigation of the potential impact of application/injection of surfactant integrated with the coinjection of rich gas and water was initiated. A literature review of surfactant studies and initial modeling and simulation were conducted in collaboration with Texas A&M University and Computer Modelling Group Ltd. Efforts were initiated to integrate data provided by Oasis Petroleum Inc. with experimental rich gas extraction data generated by the EERC using rocks from an Oasis well.

Our Partners

  • Conoco Phillips
  • Equinor
  • Hess
  • Liberty Resources
  • Marathon Oil
  • ND Oil and Gas
  • Oasis Petroleum
  • Petro Hunt
  • WPX
  • XTO

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